Part II: Humanity’s Idyllic Origins

PART II: “Humanity’s Idyllic Origins

God’s formation of sky and land was now at its conclusion… also that of a vast, accompanying cosmic host. On our world’s first Sabbath, God found His work of formation fully satisfying. On that first Sabbath, God put a stop to all His work (thus typifying for humanity a willing submission to moral constraint). God’s provision of a Sabbath Day would mark it as Holy, for on it God could stop all His work of formation. Such is our Story of sky and land and formation of our Cosmos.

God had fully wrought our world and its sky, but still no shrub nor any grass had grown… as God was not providing rain for His world. So, too, this world was without any man to till its land. Only a misty ground-flow of liquid was nourishing this world’s soil. So God did form Man from this-worldly dust. His nostrils inhaling God’s air, Man was now living!

God brought about an idyllic… in fact, a simply paradisiacal tract of land. God put Man in this wondrously plush location, providing also a vast orchard and plants – striking sights, and good for food. At that orchard’s mid-point was a solitary “Arbor of Living” – as, too, an “Arbor of Knowing Good and Bad.”

Flowing from this tract is a body of natural irrigation – dividing into four tributary flows: first of all, a tributary known as Pishon, winding through all of Havilah, a land of gold. Havilah’s gold is good; as, too, its fragrant gums and lapis lazuli. A similar tributary, known as Gihon, winds through a land known as Cush (today “Cush” is, plausibly, that African nation with its capital at Addis Ababa). A third tributary is Tigris, flowing around Assyria. A fourth tributary is known (particularly among “Dovray Ivrit”) as “N’har Prat.”

God took that first man, placing him in this idyllic tract, so that man would till and watch it. Commanding him, God said: “Consumption of all this fruit I will allow you; but as for fruit from that “Arbor of Knowing Good and Bad” – only that I will not allow… for upon tasting of it, you shall pass away. (That is to say, consumption of that fruit is not just a mortal, but a fatal sin!)”

God said: “It is not good for man to stay in such isolation. I will form a fitting coadjutant for him.” So, out of clumps of land, God did form all sorts of wild animals and various flying birds – and brought all such living things to that singular human… whom God told to start naming His animals. That first man did just that – thoughtfully naming all cows and such (bison, okapi, gnus…), all sky-flying birds (hawks, robins, jays…), and all wild animals (fox, jackals, groundhogs, raccoons…). But no rightful coadjutant, no suitably fit companion was found for Man.

So God, causing man to stay profoundly unconscious, took of his ribs, closing up his surgical wound. With that rib, God did form from Man a Woman. That first woman God brought to His first man… who said (not surprisingly, with a fair amount of ardor): “Now, at last! This is my own kind: body and soul! This all will know as ‘Woman’ – as God did form this out of Man.”

And so it is that a man must part from his Dad and Mom, joining with a woman: two forming a loving union.

Although living in total and constant nudity, that first man and woman did so without so much as an iota of humiliation.


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