Part III: Sin and Ignominy

PART III: “Sin and Ignominy

Of all animals that God did form, a particular asp was by far most cunning (Was it an anaconda or a boa constrictor? A cobra or a cottonmouth? Diamondback, moccasin or python?). That asp said to Woman: “Did God actually say: ‘I shall allow no consumption of this orchard’s fruit?’” Woman said in turn: “God allows us consumption of all fruit. It is only about fruit of that arbor at this orchard’s mid-point that God said: “I will not allow its consumption – nor shall you touch it, or you shall pass away.” Contradicting God, that asp said: “You shall not pass away. But God knows that upon consuming that particular fruit, you shall gain vision – on a par with God – an ability to distinguish good from bad.”

Noting how good for food and how striking a sight that fruit was – and, admirably, so as to gain Godly wisdom – Woman took fruit from that arbor, illicitly consuming it and sharing of it with Man. Upon consumption of that fruit by Woman and Man, both did in fact gain vision. That pair’s nudity now causing humiliation, both did don loincloths of fig foliation. (Think of similar garb worn by actor Robin Williams, in his portrayal of Alan Parrish in “Jumanji” – a wildly popular and thought-provoking film.)

With God moving about in that orchard on a windy day, Man and Woman both hid from God among various arbors. God, calling out to that first man, said: Inform God of your location (in truth, not just inquiring about his location: God was asking, probing about his human condition)!” Man said to God: “I did affright at Your sound… Living as I do in such nudity, I hid.” God did ask him: “How do you know of your nudity? From consuming that fruit which I so unambiguously disallow you?” Man (abdicating his own rightful moral load) said: “It was that woman’s fault… that woman (now blaming God, too) which You did form! It was Woman who was sharing that fruit!” Our Lord God said to Woman: “What did you do?!” Woman (similarly admitting no fault) said: “That asp did fool us (trick us, hoodwink us both)… urging our unlawful – in fact, sinful consumption of that fruit.”

God told that asp: “For your sin, so, so many oaths of opprobrium for you… surpassing all such oaths of ignominy toward cows and all wild animals! Your lot? Consuming dirt! Crawling, sliding along on your stomach (how fitting for a gastronomic sin!). Always! I will put a profound discord as your constant, mutual lot with Woman. So, too, your offspring and that of humanity. Humans will kick at your skull; and you shall go biting at your human assailants!”

To Woman God said: “Your child-birth pangs will bring you awful pain… giving birth only through pain! Still, you shall long – in fact lust – for your husband… living in his dominion.”

To man – “Adam” – God said: “You did sin, following that woman’s instruction… consuming that fruit of which I said, ‘Its consumption I will not allow.’ On this account, I am cursing your land. Only by toil shall you grow any food… all your days! Thorns and prickly twigs shall your land sprout for you. For food, grass shall grow for you. By hard labor and with soaking brow shall you bring forth any crust or loaf, living thus until you turn to dust… just as I did form you from dust. Man’s origin is dust; man must turn back to dust.”

Man said: “This woman I shall call ‘Chavah’ – signifying ‘Matriarch of All Living Things (that is, of all ‘Chayim’).’” God did apportion garbs of animal skins as gifts to Adam and Chavah, clothing both.”

Our Lord God said: “Now that humanity is akin to us, knowing good and bad, what if a man or woman should swallow fruit of that “Arbor of Living” – thus gaining (misappropriating) immortality?!” So our Lord God had to banish humanity from that most salubrious spot, assigning mankind to till soil – which was, in fact, his origin. Driving Man out and stationing “kruvim” as guards, God did block all paths to His “Arbor of Living” with a constantly turning, flaming sword. (A “kruv” is an animal analogous to a sphinx, with wings… not, as many think, a chubby, flying infant – occasionally thought of as carrying a bow and arrows.)



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