Part VI: Navigating in an Immoral World

PART VI: “Navigating in an Immoral World

With humanity now significantly multiplying in this world, and with many baby girls now born into it, mighty worldlings (approaching divinity in status: godlings, you might say; half-gods) saw human girls’ stunning good looks and radiant charm… marrying such girls, basically at will.

God said: “My Spirit shall not stay in man without limit, as man is but mortal. His days I shall limit to 120 birthdays.” At this point, as said mighty worldlings took human girls as marital consorts, “Niphilim” (giants of sorts) did also inhabit our world. Issuing from such unions: sons of conspicuous nobility, tough guys: illustrious paragons of manhood and masculinity.

God saw how immoral human-kind had grown, thinking only of corruption and immorality all day long. God was sorry, distraught at having brought humanity into His world. God said: “I shall blot out from this world all human-kind, which – sorry to say – is My own handiwork. Not only humanity; animals, too! Crawling things and flying birds. How sorrowful I am that I wrought all this!” But Noah found favor with God.

This is Noah’s family history: Noah was such a truly good man! Walking with God, Noah was – though living in a sinful world – all but without faults. Noah had a trio of sons: Shaym, Ham, and Jafith. God saw that this world was corrupt, full of hurtful ways. Owing to this global corruption, with all mortals growing corrupt – morally bankrupt, sinful – God said to Noah: “That’s it!! I am going to rid this world of all living things – it is fully corrupt! Annihilation is at hand! But you, construct an ark of good hard wood, an ark with individual stalls and rooms (‘cabins,’ a sailor or yachtsman might say). Caulk its hull thoroughly with pitch. This is just how you will construct it: an ark 300 cubits long, fifty cubits in width, and thirty cubits high. Put a skylight in your ark, within a cubit of its top. Also a hatch (that is, a doorway, in nautical lingo) – port or starboard. This ark is to consist of bottom, midmost, and third floors. For My part, I am about to bring a flood – total inundation – upon this world, dooming all things – all that subsists on air – from My sky on down. This cataclysm will claim all that is organic – flora and fauna. But with you I will maintain My Pact. So board your ark: you, along with your sons, your marital consort, and your sons’ marital consorts. And of all living things, all animals, bring a pair along in your ark (a stallion and a filly, a pig and a sow, a hound and a bitch, a ram and a nanny goat, and so on – all fit for mating), assuring survival for all. So, too, birds of all kinds, cows and such, all crawling land animals… bring pairs of all forms of animals into that ark with you, thus assuring survival. As for you, bring along anything you can think of for food: provisions for you… and animal food, too.” Noah did just that, fulfilling all of God’s Commands.


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