Part VII: Noah Casts Off

PART VII: “Noah Casts Off

Soon God said to Noah: “Go into your ark, you and yours, for, out of all humanity, I find only you worthy of survival. Bring along 7 pairs of animals of ritual purity (allowing for post-diluvian sacrificial worship), pairs fit for mating. As for animals of ritual impurity, bring two (that is 1 pair). Also bring 7 pairs of all birds, for mating, thus facilitating propagation of all animals. For in 7 days I am bringing upon this world a rain of forty days and forty nights duration. Thus I will bring cataclysmic doom to all that is on this world – to all of which I am Author.” So Noah did according to all God’s Commands.

With flooding, which brought total inundation, on its way, Noah was an old man of 600. Boarding the ark with Noah and his sons was his marital consort; his sons’ marital consorts, too… all anxiously anticipating God’s horrific flood. Accompanying Noah’s family was a vast zoological array: animals of ritual purity and, in contrast, animals of ritual impurity; also birds, and all animals that crawl and swarm on land… at God’s Command, coming two by two (in connubial pairs) to Noah and his ark. In 7 days, God’s flood struck this world: total inundation, cataclysmic affluvion! (Poor Noah! All this took its toll on a man of 600!) On 2/17 (according to a traditional way of dating, not au courant, but from a distant antiquity), on that singular day, naturally occurring abyssal fountains burst forth… and an unforgiving sky was as if a gaping window, a flowing font, a colossal, cosmic chasm. For forty days and forty nights, continuous global rainfall: downpour following driving squall; storm upon cascading storm, a primordial pluvious pounding!

Following Noah and his family’s boarding (along with so many individual sorts of wild animals, farm animals, animals which crawl on land, and flying animals – including, but not only, birds – all living things coming to Noah and his ark in connubial pairs, thus fulfilling God’s Command)… God shut Noah into his ark, tightly closing its hatch. Global flooding was to last for forty days and forty nights. Noah’s ark was soon afloat, adrift amid a swirling, churning, tidal flow, with only God as Navigator. So profound an inundation, obscuring all mountaintops: lofty, skyscraping summits! Flooding 15 cubits upward of Himalayas and Alps, Caucasus and Kilimanjaro, Mount Logan, Mount Lucania, Mauna Loa, and Mount Fuji! As for all living things, anything at all inhabiting dry land and subsisting on air, including birds and animals living wild and on farms, as, too, all crawling and swarming animals – and all of human-kind – annihilation, wrack and ruin, liquidation… doom.

Surviving was only Noah (and company) aboard his ark. Flooding was, in fact, of 150 days duration.


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