PART VIII: Post-Diluvian Dynamics

PART VIII: “Post-Diluvian Dynamics

God was again mindful of Noah and all his zoological ship’s (or, ark’s) company. Causing a wind to blow through a post-diluvian world, God brought a final calm to His flood. Shutting off all abyssal fountain activity, and closing that cosmic window of a sky, God put a stop to ruinous rainfall. Flooding was gradually subsiding (that is, drop by drop, for 150 days). Noah’s ark finally ran aground on 7/17, on a mountain chain known as Ararat… with flooding continuing to diminish for 10 months and mountain tops coming into sight on 10/1.

Forty days following that, Noah, finally unlocking his ark’s window, put a bird (its official Latin binomial classification: Corvus corax) to flight. That first bird had to fly about, to and fro, for lack of dry land. Again Noah had a bird (whitish in color – possibly Columba larvata or Columba arquatrix… but not a gull nor a swan… and in no way a cormorant) fly off to scout for dry land. Not finding any dry land on which to alight, that bird, too, was soon back aboard Noah’s ark, for flooding was still global… ubiquitous. Noah put out his hand, bringing his bird back aboard with him. 7 days following this, Noah again put that whitish scout-bird to flight from his ark. By night-fall, that bird was back, now propitiously carrying a foliar branch in its bill (that twig carrying a small, oil-rich fruit, of a “drab” color, not far from dark “pistachio”)… a sign to Noah that flooding was finally subsiding. Following an additional wait of 7 days, Noah put his bird into flight again. This was that bird’s final scouting mission for Noah… not coming back to Noah’s ark, as it had found dry land and arborial sanctuary.

On 1/1/601 (according to customary dating in that distant antiquity), flooding was subsiding; our world was drying out, as Noah saw upon taking off his ark’s hatch – its doorway, its portal.

God said to Noah: “Go out from your ark, you, your marital consort, your sons, and your sons’ marital consorts with you. Also bring all living things bow with you: birds, animals, crawling things, and so on. Animals will again fill this world, multiplying fruitfully.” Going out of his ark was Noah, his sons, his marital consort, and his sons’ marital consorts with him. Also all kinds of animals, crawling things, and birds… coming out of Noah’s ark in family units.

Noah built an altar to God, sacrificing upon it from among animals and birds of ritual purity. God, “inhaling” olfactorily satisfying fragrant vapor rising from Noah’s sacrificial gifts, said: “I shall not again doom this world on account of humanity, for – alas – man has a naturally sinful proclivity, an abiding inclination to do wrong, starting right from his youth. Nor shall I again bring annihilation upon all living things, as I did on this occasion. I shall always sustain this world. Its Spring planting, its Autumnal crops, its solstitial cold snaps and hot winds, night and day… will last and last, and go on for all infinity.


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