PART XIII: Lot Lacks That Magnanimity With Which God Abounds

PART XIII: “Lot Lacks That Magnanimity With Which God Abounds

Arising from Mitzrayim, Abram, making his way toward an arid plain, took along his marital consort, all his worldly goods… and Lot, too. Now, Abram was of substantial worth (soaking, flush, frightfully rich, wallowing in cash, rolling in dough), with holdings in cows of various sorts, and also much gold and coin. Abram was off – bit by bit – going from this arid plain as far as Bait-Ail. At that spot, not long ago, Abram had a canvas lodging, half-way from Bait-Ail to Ai. At that location, Abram had also built an altar, so as to worship God by calling upon Him cognominally. Lot, who was accompanying Abram, also had flocks, cows, and canvas lodgings… so much so, in fact, that local topography could not support both Abram and Lot’s camps. Insofar as both had rich holdings, Abram and Lot had to part ways.

A war of words, a partisan disputation soon sprang up, pitting Abram’s cowhands against cowhands working for Lot. By this point, a local Canaanitish and Parizzitish population was forming a community. So Abram said to Lot: “I do not want us to fight! Nor should our cowhands go on doing so. It is right for us – kith and kin – to act in this way… with such unsavory mutual hostility and suspicion. This land is so big and spacious, you and I can go our own ways. If you go North, I shall go South; and if you go South, I shall go North.”

Lot, looking about at a Jordan plain just brimming with luxuriant, fruitful farm land, unmagnanimously took all of it as his portion… all of it, up to and including distant Zoar! All of it was a Godly, paradisiacal tract akin to similar flood plains in Mitzrayim. This was prior to God’s annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus did Abram and Lot part ways, with Lot and company moving toward Jordan. Whilst Abram found lodging in Canaan, Lot took up habitation in his plain, pitching his canvas not far from Sodom. Now, Sodom’s population was an iniquitous and villainous – and as it would soon turn out, sybaritic – amalgamation, sinning horribly against God.

Following his falling out with Lot, Abram was told by God: “Look all around you, turning North and South, port and starboard! All this land is My gift to you and your offspring, now and always! Up! Walk all about this land, to and fro, throughout My gift of land. Can you count its grains of sand? As if anybody could!! Your offspring will abound in similar proportions!”

Moving his canvas lodging to Habron (“Habron” possibly signifying “allying” or “joint association” – from a word for “companion” or “to join”), amid a sumac orchard at Mamray, Abram built an altar to God.


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