PART XV: God’s pact with Abram. Patriarch and Visionary

PART XV: “God’s pact with Abram. Patriarch and Visionary

Following all this, Abram found illumination of God’s Word through a vision: “Affright at nothing, Abram! I am your brassard, your armor. ‘Blushing honors’ will fall to you.” But in an agonizing cry, Abram said: “Honor is, alas, insignificant without a child of my own to carry on my mission (and my blood!)… to work toward my goals. Must I pass on my worldly goods to my major-domo, Lazar of Damascus?!” Continuing, Abram said in a summation of particular pathos: “By not providing us with offspring, You ordain it… all that I own will pass on to my bondsman!”

Communicating His Word to Abram, God said: “Not so! No bondsman will do any such thing. It is to your own son that you will pass along your worldly goods… and your spiritual mission.” Bringing him outdoors, God said to Abram: “Look at this night sky, and count its stars… as if you could!!” And God said: “Your offspring will abound in similar proportions.”

And Abraham had faith in God, and in His Word. To God this was solid proof of Abram’s passion for probity… and a sign of his profound faith.

God said to him: “I am God; it is I Who took you out of Ur, that Chaldian city, giving you this land as your own.”

Abram said: “My Lord, God, how am I to know that it is truly my own?”

God said: “Bring out a young cow, 3 annual units old; and a nanny-goat, 3 annual units old; and a ram, 3 annual units old; a young, whitish bird (Macropygia magna?) and a hatchling (Columba palumbus?).”

And Abram did so, cutting, slicing all such animals in two, and placing matching parts in oppositional proximity. (Only animals: birds Abram did not cut in half.) Abram had to shoo away hungry buzzards, which sought out this carrion for food. On toward sundown, in a soporific swoon, Abram was quickly and soundly unconscious. A profoundly dark horror was upon him.

God said to Abram: “Know this with uncompromising faith: your offspring shall labor slavishly for 400 annual units, as social outcasts in a land known for its policy of harsh anti-immigrant particularism. Know also that I shall bring that nation to judicial account for its wrongs (its tyranny, its bigotry, and its crushing political subjugation of a loyal minority)… and your offspring shall, finally, go forth with substantial spoils. As for you, you shall go to your immortal glory with tranquility… Pax vobiscum!! Your sons will bury you, good and old. But your grandsons’ offspring shall go back to that land, so that I may fully punish its Amoritish inhabitants.”

That nightfall was particularly dark. Abram saw a smoking kiln and a flaming torch passing through his rows of animal parts (still lying in juxtaposition, following God’s instructions). On that day, God, making a Pact with Abram (in fact, a royal land grant), said: “To your offspring I assign this land, from Wadi al-Arish to that grand N’har Prat, lands of many tribal groups: Kinitish, Kinizzitish, and Kadmonitish; Hittitish, and Parizitish nations… as, too, lands of Raphaim; also lands of Amoritish, Canaanitish, Girgashitish, and Jabusitish origin.


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